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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bell come in. they confirm -- welcome in. they confirmed two people have been found dead. authorities say mark refuse to follow evacuation orders when the fire threatened his home. a second body was also found but that person has not been identified. the fire is now 45% contained. this is the 14th most destructive wildfire in california. >> the valley fire ranks as the 9th most destructive fire in the state. the latest numbers on that fire, 70,000 acres, 30% contained. >> today fire crews are looking for another weather break. what can you tell us on the latest. >> well today cal fire says the rains have really helped. they say that mixed with the
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temperatures and higher humidity is all really helping firefighters get a bigger containment on the valley fire. i spoke to a guy today that lives in hidden valley lakes. he said today's rain is a blessing. hidden valley lakes is about 10 miles north of middletown. it is a private gated community. we went in there and drove through it for the first time today. all of the houses looked intact. then we got to powder horn road. that is where we started to see the devastation. especially at the intersection of indian rock road. the house there are completely destroyed. it was very interesting to see. you could tell the fire was very spermatic. the man we spoke to actually stayed behind on saturday night to protect his home. he said he waited all night with his son using water hoses and shovels just to basically put out the embers that were falling from the sky. >> it looked like red snow
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coming down with all the embers. it was just landing everywhere. that is what saved us, we would put them out as we would see them. the lady next door is almost 90-year-old. she had another house over there and fortunately she wasn't here during that time. she will be very happy her house was saved. >> he was telling us that he was confident he could save his house and also his wife did not want to leave her keepsakes behind. they are also running off generator now and making sure to keep an eye out for lewders. >> unfortunately during these disasters you see people try to take advantage. what have you heard about looting happening in that area? >> well security is very tight inside hidden valley lake. when we went there today somebody stopped us at the gate. they asked for an id and we noticed a lot of law enforcement
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officials driving around the neighborhoods there. four people were arrested last night for looting in that community. it is something that is happened. sadly it is something people should not have to deal with during this time of tragedy. >> i want to bring in mark. we heard her talking about the precipitation there. how is the radar looking right now? >> well the radar has been fairly active for northern california. she has been there all day around the fire zone. today has been the tran ignition day ignition -- transition day. if we could bring her in, as far as the weather conditions you have noticed through the day. -- have you noticed it? >> it was don't bad. then it started to rain around noontime. the rain showers picked up around 2:00 in the afternoon.
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we have seen rain here and in middletown. >> as far as the wind with this cold front, i have been noticing stronger winds, have you experienced those gusts periodically? >> yeah, they did say that winds were a challenge today. >> we do have some more rain showers in the forecast. thank you for the weather report out. there as far as the radar we will take a look at that. lots of green out there. it is moving into parts of the north bay. we will take a closer inspection of the coverage. the area of interest around the fire zone. you see sit basically -- it was dry around her live shots around hidden valley lake. you can still see seem showers in the area but the bulk of the activity right now is kind of moving out to the south and to the east.
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temperatures, they are only cool side. that is great news, in the 50s right now. only in the 50s. humidity levels way up there. that is some of the cloud cover in this region. those winds are increasing. they have been a factor all day long. that is probably the biggest challenge for fire crews all day. the winds gusting out of the south around 24 to 31 miles an hour. as far as rainfall totals, they have picked up quite a bit. just the main action so far has been about a tenth of an inch. you can see 0.18 out there. hawk eye 0.15. we do have some warmer temperatures in the forecast as we head into the weekend. today was a great day for opportunity. we will have more on that in a few minutes. well mark certainly good news to be talking about rain. >> our coverage continues on
4:06 pm you will find latest developments in the fire fight as well. other headlines now, hundreds of students in in an east bay high school were evacuated today after a threatening note was found on campus. the students were evacuated to the football field shortly after lunchtime. we are told this note was found in one of the stall's of the boy's bathroom. officers used police dogs as they searched the campus. they haven't yet said what was written in that note. santa clara county supervisors have voted to equipped jail guards there with body cameras. san francisco is if only other county in california where jail guards wear those body cameras. that decision also came amid a guard misconduct scandal. during the meeting last night, they decided to put off
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the decision on the controversial propose toll raise the min -- proposal to raise the minimum wage. that is set to go up by $1 next month and another $1.50 come next year. the proposal that was heard last night will keep raising the minimum each year till it reaches $19 an sure in the year 2020. republican candidates for president take stage tonight for round two of the presidential debate. donald trump and jeb bush are expected to go head to head. carly fiorina the only woman in the prime time debate expects to continue her momentum. >> lets check in now with ross. as we left our desks heading out here the debate was happening. tonight what we with expect? >> more on the j v debate in a bit.
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tonight on the main stage you can expect fireworks. most of those blasts aimed at donald trump. he is the noon beat tonight. they are l all take to the stage in less than an hour. carly fiorina is now joining the top ten. there will be 11 of them on the stage side by side very close. he made that comment about her face, she launched an internet ad showing the proud faces of women across the country right here. jeb bush will be right on trump's side. remember bush used to be the front runner and now he is pulling in the single digits. this is a big moment for him to fight that allegation of low energy. as for the other people on the stage, ben carson will be on trump's other side. the man closest to trump right now in the polls. they are only four points apart.
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he has hacked trump too on his religion but then backed off and even apologized. several other candidates are only increasing their rhetoric as this debate gets closer. it is a small intimate venue. candidates will be shoulder to shoulder and that could change that dynamics significantly between all of them having to stare right into each other's eyes as they blast each other. >> we will be a target. i think what you are going see and you could tell rand paul is itching for a fight. >> no, i think he is a fake. >> he is not a liberal. he is a narcissist. >> i just don't think my strategy will change at all.
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litd it -- it will be to tell the truth and talk about my vision for america >> graham and -- the very first question was they were asked about them attacking donald trump. bobby asked that by saying trump is a really not a republican at all. overall he had a stronger performance than last night. that was one of the most memorable moments so far. those four are hoping to have a break-out moment like carly fiorina had last time. the main focus is on the top 11 candidates and their event starts tonight at 5:00. >> they talked about bush and the trump. that is intriguing. for me what i am looking at, i am intrigued by carly fiorina. primarily because she wasn't on this prime time stage last debate. do you think they will be the
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number one foreign -- person up there to take on trump? >> she has come up in the polls but carson and trump have taken off and increased their lead over her. she really has to do something now. she made a big splash last night at the kid's table. she has shown us when trump attacked her on her face, she went right after him and put that internet attack ad out and got a lot of play on that. >> she also showed that does matter because look where it got her. lets talk about rick perry. first one to say i am out. rick perry is out of the race. to you believe after tonight we will see more walk away from this? >> i think we will see several people walk away from this. the money is limited. there is too many candidates and not enough money at this point.
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i think governors are all on the bubble right now. the former governors, the current governors, none of them are doing well. keep in mind that latest poll has jeb bush at 6% of the vote compare that to ben carson which is 23%. donald trump at 27%. sit really amazing. -- it is really amazing. >> wow. good stuff. >> should be phone -- fun tonight. we will see you back tomorrow. >> thank you very much. up to 30,000 job will be cut apart of a new business plan for hp. in three minutes what this means for the the job market sit being watched and shared right there on our facebook page. take a look at the positive message it has and tell us what
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you think about it. mark will be back in a bit with that precipitation making it's way into the north bay. here is a live look in the south bay. this is 288 slit many split -- split in san jose. we will be back in a bit blachlt --
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well there are some big shifts in the bay area job numbers. three major announcements about hiring and cuts at one of their
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largest tech companies. pam cook breaks it down for us no today's money business. >> we have job cuts and job edigs to talk about today. -- editions to talk about today. >> toys-r-us plans to hire workers for the very busy holiday season. however the company announced today that they will add fewer holiday workers this year than last year. toys"r"us plans to hire 40,000 workers at it's stores and distribution centers across the country but that is about 5,000 fewer workers compared to last year. most of the jobs will be part time. ups is also starting to think about the holidays. they plan to hire up to 95,000 employees to handle holiday shipping and deliveries. ups is offering both full and part time jobs that will run from november through january. if you are interested in working
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for ups, you have to apply online. hp announced job cuts of up to 30,000 today. the cuts will come from the enterprise business. after that, hp ink will handle the printer and pc site of the company. they will focus on business software and services. we don't know how many of the jobs will be from here in the bay area. on the news analysts are very critical of hp saying this may not be enough to stay competitive. ceo megawhit man said the cuts should eliminate the needs for any future corporate restructuring. now she says the cuts over the last four years were focused on helping hp achieve a cost structure that is in line with
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it's revenue and that the new cuts will help hp expand it's profit margins. the its can will save the company an estimated $2.7 million. >> for the past two years, they are some of the big retailers that have been building up their warehouses and distributions centers across the country to get their online orders to customers faster. analysts expect that they will have a hard time filling all of those holiday jobs. taking a look at what this means for the bay area job market. we have russell hancock there. he joins us now via skype. thank you for being here with us. >> happy to be here. thank you. >> we have companies now gearing up for the holidays. maybe not as much as last year but then you also have major companies like hp making these cuts. what do you make of all of this?
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>> well the cuts at hp are attention grabbing because we are talking about simple con valley icon. the actual fact is that sit a very small part of the silicon valley store. what we have right now is an economy that is firing on all of it's cylinders. last year weed aed 120,000 new jobs to the area. this year we are on a pace to beet bate that number. the number of lay offs happening at hp are actually going to be spread over multiple contents and not just here in the bay area. it is easy to imagine that the people that are leaving the company will find other opportunities in a very booming technology sector. >> so okay so the cuts are attention grabbing and headline grabbing but you are saying not necessarily bad news because there are other opportunities out there. >> the story about silicon valley is that companies have their fortunes go up and down. this is -- silicon valley is a
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graveyard of failed companies and many of them large companies. how about timeshare and see gate technology? these are all companies that used to claim the lion share of our work force but their fortunes change, this is a brutalizing churning dynamic economy. only companies that can reinvent themselveses will survive that. >> well when it comes to hp they say sit about being leaner and more competitive. what do you think it says about the company. >> this is a company that is troubled. nobody disputes that fact. this is a company for for more than decade has not been able to fig outer ure -- figure out what they want to be when it grows up.
4:21 pm
the company has changed. it is less about printing. hp hasn't been able to navigate that change. whether it works in the long term, that is anybody's guess >> okay, russell. we don't know where they will come from but hopefully they will be able to find more work. russell hancock, thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> thanks. now to metrologist mark. i know fall is about a week away but it feels like it. i love the feel we have outside right now. >> it was great to dust off the rainfall graphic for today. >> i like seeing the green. >> yeah, we have a lot of green on this. the clouds definitely moved into the region. you probably notice d that change yesterday afternoon. for areas -- for the central
4:22 pm
portions of the bay not much in terms of rainfall. holesburg up nearly a quarter of an inch. some more rainfall amounts we are adding to these totals right now. here is the coverage. basically a lot of action to report. here is a closer look at the radar. rainfall forecast up in the north bay. we could have amounts down to a quarter of an inch. here is the current rainfall pattern out there. this is widespread across the region. nothing too extreme but enough to wet the bay area roadways for the afternoon and evening commute. here you can see a little bit of activity approaching san francisco. as we do move the maps to the east here, some coverage, not all this is reaching the ground
4:23 pm
but some action at least closing in here. south bay not much at all. that will be the case with this system with the main energy to the north of san jose. current temperatures out there right now we still have some 70s to report in livermore. san jose 73. san francisco 63. this is one of the forecast models. it might be a little too aggressive in the south bay. san jose may pick up trace amounts. here is the system we are tracking this cold front moving in from the north. this could be a quick mover. winds could be approaching 25 miles per hour. guess what? we go the opposite direction once again as we head into the weekend. a bit of a warmup beginning friday, saturday and sunday. i think sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. that will translate to some
4:24 pm
upper 90s inland. at least it is nice to attract some rain showers out. there here we are at 8:00 tonight. not much coverage in the north bay. maybe a few light showers trace amounts to the south baby later on tonight. tomorrow morning just some clouds out there. some fog could be regrouping right near the immediate coastline. in san jose for tomorrow temperatures starting off doubt day in the upper 50s. in san francisco temperatures tomorrow mainly in the mid 50s. some clouds to start out the day. around the 70 degree mark. in oakland as we wrap things up around the bay those readings on track to reach 76 degrees for afternoon highs. today the coolest day of the week. that means we will begin to warm things up for your thursday. this numbers up about -- in the north bay up quite a bit. up a good 10-12 degrees. here is a quick look at your five day forecast.
4:25 pm
temperatures will continue to warmup into friday and saturday. warm to hot into sunday. those temperatures back up into the 90s. weather is almost thinking it is winter, not just yet. it will hold ton summer once again. -- onto summer once again. >> all right. thanks. well a cat found wandering alone and bad burned. now vets helping tol working to -- working to help him heal. >> we will tell you how he is doing.
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a group of oakland tech high school students went to the state capitol today asking for better sex ed ucation. -- education. it calls for updating and strengthening language on hiv prevention and other sexually transmitted diseases. >> what we need is more comprehensive sex ed. more related on lgbt too. >> they joined the students and said they don't want to take away parents rights. they said the goal is to compliment what is learned at home with the latest scientific facts students can get in school. a cat found badly burped is --
4:29 pm
burned is getting better. take a look, the clinic shared these pictures of the cat who was so badly burned that his eyes were actually crusted shut. now the vets tell us the cat can now open his eyes and is even purring. firefighters found the cat on monday as they were fighting the valley fire along highway 175. they brought him to the vet clinic in lake port. they say he is expected to make a full recovery. the story has struck a cord with our viewers on our facebook page. many are offering their thanks. he wrote thank you to the rescuers and all that care with so many stories of animal cruelty it is great to know there are kind and loving souls even through the horror there is hope and happy endings. debbie harris who said, bless these firefighters for putting their lives on the line and saving this kitty. hope you will be okay kitty. don that wrote, thank you firefighters, you the best to give this little kitty another
4:30 pm
chance in life. the exact way you treat humans, god bless you nbc. >> it is wonderful to see that and to see that cat and know it is going to make a full recovery. those that are pet owners, they can become a part of your family. >> and a lot of volunteers also going to neighborhoods and dropping feed for animals. this is all by word of mouth. even doctors from the u.c. davis school of veterinary medicine have volunteered their time. coming up, she was the soul survive oofr deadly shooting. this one is the one that happened on live tv. now she is speak ing -- speaking for the first time about what she saw. and a 14-year-old led away from class in handcuffs after bringing homemade a -- a alcoholic that he made in class. some say he was targeted because
4:31 pm
he is a muslim. know the president is praising this aspiring engineer.
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all right the republican candidates for president take to the debate stage tonight in southern california. there be will be a lot of focus on donald trump and ben carson. carly fiorina is looking to
4:34 pm
shine tonight as well. she has been improving in the polls. tonight marks her first time there on the main stage. >> lets check in now with reporter joe. he joins us with a look at what we and expect out there tonight. joel. >> good afternoon to you. just like last month's debate in cleveland, this debate also has two tiers of candidates. the only difference is this time around the lineup will look just a little bit different. >> i didn't get -- >> carly fiorina who last month didn't get dominate cut, did well enough in her happy hour appear toens boost her poll numbers earning her -- appearance to bust her poll numbers earning her a spot tonight. [ indiscernible ] >> he will be a target and i think what you are going to see and you can just tell rand paul
4:35 pm
is itching for a fight. >> he began picking that fight before the poll started. >> i think he is a fake and he will say or do anything to try to promote this stick he has. >> looking to soak up some of trump's media attention going after the donald is a strategy other candidates have tried. bobby jindal attacked trump just like week. >> he is not a liberal, he is a narcissist. >> tonight's debate is expected to be a massive right draws. one person will not be watching, that is president obama. according to the white house he will take a look at the headline in tomorrow morning's news papers. >> some say like in your piece trump will be a target, i heard some say just ignore him and
4:36 pm
pretend he is not even on that stage and just ignore him. do you think donald trump will behave any differently? >> that is a great question. he already is in a sense that word on the street has it that she prepped for this debate. if you -- he is prepped for this debate. he said he never preps for debates so that already is a mark of difference. people are wondering if this is now turning into politician donald trump. he also in his own words said that he may in fact done it down tonight. as we all know, once somebody picks a fight with the donald, he barks back. >> i am expecting a foreign policy quiz tonight as they go after trump. lets talk about the moderators. do you expect them to be aggressive towards those top two candidates similar to the fox moderated debate? >> well jake is sort of the lead
4:37 pm
moderator along with them. jake has been on the bash saying he is going to come out and trying to get these candidates to mix it up. he said he have been talking smack to use a sports phrase to each other in the press and to each other in person as well on the campaign trail. he says he wants to see those gloves come off so we can see or plan to see a pretty raucous debate which starts at 8:00 eastern out here. >> sounds like another must see debate. joe, thank you. the woman who survived that on air shooting in virginia is speaking out for the first time. she was being better viewed live when a former employee opened fire. >> i saw movement and then gunfire. lots and lots of gunfire. from that point it was -- it was
4:38 pm
very chaotic and again -- >> she said the gunman never said a word, he just starred shooting. he later took his on -- started shooting. he later took his own life. she said her decision to play dead likely saved her life. >> i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. then it was quiet and -- it was early in the morning. there wasn't really anyone around not understanding quite this had happened live. >> she was shot in the back and a bullet narrowly missed her spine. she juz just release frtd -- just released from the hospital last week. she said she has watched video of the shooting but it is too soon for her to return to the visitors center where it happened. the pope is coming to
4:39 pm
america. in weather we are tracking some clouds across the entire bay area and some scattered rain showers out there as well. coming up we will track the timing of this front as it moves in and the big change by the weekend. lets give you another live look. there is the golden gate bridge. traffic not too bad. we will be right back. plan --
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pope francis a don't embark on his first visit -- is about to embark on his visit to the united states. his ratings have fluctuated since he became pope. his popularity is still within a range that would be envy of many world leaders. >> where ever he visits he has been met by adoring masses of the faithful. >> we are big fans. [ indiscernible ] >> pope francis presents a positive image for the catholic church. >> his popularity in the u.s. at one point hit 90% among catholics and 70 in the general public. >> we have needed for a while a
4:43 pm
renewed image, a renewed face of the church and pope francis is giving it to us. >> after statements about controversial topics like clay mat change and capital ice m a poll released in july showed his popularity taking a hit, especially with political conservatives. >> he is going to try to stimulate our thinking so that he with can creatively, wisely and intelligently devise policies. >> he has called it a man made problem. [ indiscernible ] and while upholding the church's teaching, he is allowing prices to grant them. >> people that like what he says about the defense of mare orange
4:44 pm
and family and the baby -- marriage and family and the baby in the womb may not be applauding. so he is an equal opportunity disturber in that -- we listen to something he says, we smile and other things he says we brisal. >> his opinions have drawn the spotlight away from one of the biggest continue versy surrounding bishops and the uh -- controversies surrounding bishops and the u.s. church. >> this crisis unfortunately has eroded that voice and that authority has weakened the authority of the bishops to be voices and spokesmen. >> he also said the on going debate about what should be done next as been largely over shadowed. >> and i called him today and he
4:45 pm
will be flying back east to visit two of the cities where the pope will be going. also one thing i read today is that the pope will deliver most of his speeches actually in spanish. >> wow. we will take a look at his schedule. sit it is certain -- it is certainly packed. that evening he is set to travel to new york city. on friday he will attend general assembly. on saturday he goes to philly where he is expected to visit independence hal. on sunday he will visit a prison. already tracking some
4:46 pm
rainfall. quick update on some developments within an earthquake, not here, out towards chill live. -- which i willy. as the energy moves across the pacific there is a possibility there is a tsunami threat out towards hawaii. there's a a possibility. over the next -- a possibility. over the next few hours they will take a look to see if a tsunami was generated. we will keep an eye on that. back here in the bay area we just have this, some clouds out there as you can see pushing back into the region and also some rain showers as well. the main action has been focused up in the northern half of the
4:47 pm
bay area but already some rain showers you can see pushing into rt pass of -- parts of san francisco. here we go, san francisco some activity here closer to daily city. rainfall amounts varying. we could have some wet roadways for the evening and afternoon commute. current number tlouts we have some 70s. we intrn -- numbers out there we have some 70s. as far as the wind speeds they have been up with that cold front approaching out of the southwest out toward right around fairfield 21 miles an hour. some more wind reports for you winds out of the south at 20. that is what is hang right -- happening right now. this has been a significant rain
4:48 pm
produce for south california. this will be moving out tomorrow. clearing skies and a bit of a breeze out there. we go the other direction into the weekend for friday, saturday and sunday, we will be warming back up. the warmest locations on sunday easily back up into the upper 90s. here is our forecast model, 9:00 to might showing you the rain showers push -- tonight showing you the rain showers. we will have that chance into early thursday morning and then thursday just some clouds out there with some fog returning coast side. thursday we are going to have more sunshine out there and temperatures up for a few degrees. in fact quite a bit in the north bay. tomorrow in the upper 70s. some more neighborhoods for you with san jose topping out 78. san mateo 75. half-moon bay 67 degrees. sheer a look ahead your five -- here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. friday and into the weekend mid to upper 90s. typically the time of year we
4:49 pm
are not tracking rain drops. >> hooks like we are caught between two season -- looks like we are caught between two seasons. >> exactly. >> okay. frank i can't believe someone decided to [ indiscernible ] and not take off from that valley fire. >> no kidding. we have some new pictures from that valley fire. we also have that interesting story about a man that was not going to evacuate because he was going to save his home. he stayed up all night battling the red embers. at 5:00 you will hear from him about what it was like and whether he ended up saving his house. >> frank what is this story of bryan stow talking? >> you have probably stheen fight where one fan was beaten
4:50 pm
up and even kicked net in the head. tonight we talk with stow. that story and a lot more. also complete coverage on that quake off the coast of all coming up beginning at 5:00. thank you. we will see you then. straight ahead a 15-year-old escorted out of school in handcuffs. a personal science project that got him in trouble with the police and why it is even sparking the president to comment on it.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
a texas teenager went to school on monday and said he was excited to show off
4:53 pm
a clock he built from scratch. >> instead he ended up in handcuffs. here is a photo of the boy, his name is amari. he is in handcuffs and wearing a nasa t-shirt. look at the look on his face. this was shared on twitter by a family friend. this texas there the police said a teacher looked like a bomb or maybe a fake bomb. again it was clock. when they asked ahmed about it he would only say this is a clock. here is a look at the devise. the police department shared the picture with the media. the story is being shared by many people on social media asking if ahmed was targeted because he is muslim. now his father immigrated to the united states from sedan. >> they said the incident never would have happened if the boy's
4:54 pm
name wasn't ahmed mohamed. support has grown online including from the president. >> he tweeted today cool clock ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like to like science. it is what makes america great. >> facebook founder also chiming in today. the future belongs to people like ahmed. he added, ahmed if you ever want to come by facebook i would love meet you, keep building. >> there is some good news to end this story. the police department there announced they would not file any criminal charges against ahmed. it even sounds ridiculous saying it. soon after he tweeted a thank you saying quote, i really didn't think people would care about a muslim boy. >> as we mention it was a personal project. it was something he was doing,
4:55 pm
it seems like a hobby and wanted to show it off because it was cool. >> the story has prompted a trending hash tag standwithahmed. lots of people are sharing their support for the teen. one woman wrote, keep being creative and brilliant. we need more kids like you. >> another person writes, way to discourage creativity and instill fear in the mind of bright child. had f his name were alex this wouldn't be an issue, standwithahmed. still to come right here, hundreds have gone missing without word since. now families of those who have disappeared from one area in mexico are trying to draw attention to their search of
4:56 pm
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get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . 292 people have been added to the list of missing. among those who vanish said is a 19 -- vanished is a 19-year- old. 16 other people including her boyfriend disappeared from the city on that day. a year before 43 students were
4:59 pm
detained by police and never seen again. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i do not wish this main i have on my worse pain. >> relatives have also provided dna samples and gone to the surrounding mountains looking for hidden graves. they found 60 graves there and recovered the remains of 104 people. six have been identified and returned to their families. most of those who disappeared are men or boys, 13-60-years- old with the majority of 30. frank and heather now. >> we started with breaking news. that is 8.3 earthquake off of chile. it is considered to be a great
5:00 pm
earthquake. the strongest category there is when it comes to earthquakes and has the potential to destroy communities near the epicenter and it triggered an tsunami for hawaii. that earthquake was off the coast, 150 miles north, northwest of the capital. video is starting to pour in now from social media. i want you to take a listen. >> you get a sense. buildys swayed. people rushed into the streets. several strongarve shocks. tsunami lamm -- strong after shocks, tsunami alarms went off. live pictures from hawaii. there is a tsunami watch in place for part of hawaii. we will keep monitoring


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